The Rahman Family’s Story

"My family want to stay warm but they can't. We need fuel to keep warm but can't afford it."


Emergency Relief

The Rahman family live in Wavel Refugee Camp, in the Bekaa Region, Lebanon.

Families living in Wavel Camp face harsh winters of severe storms and freezing temperatures. The Rahman family struggle to stay warm, and worry if it will rain or snow every day, as their shelter can hardly withstand the weather. Water will seep through cracks in the roof and walls, making their living conditions even worse.

The Rahman children, Mariam (6), Yehia (5), Zakaria (4), and Raya (2) sit with their mother close to the stove to try to stay warm. Kassem, their father, is forced to look through rubbish piles for things to burn and has no choice but to burn things like plastic to keep his family warm.

He said:

“They cause smoke and odours that spread through the house, it’s not healthy at all.”

Through WA’s project, the Rahman family received winter assistance vouchers to purchase fuel, Kassem said:

“My family want to stay warm but they can’t. We need fuel to keep warm but can’t afford it. We have the opportunity to secure heating fuel thanks to the vouchers provided by WA. This amount of fuel will keep us warm for the remaining winter season, and we will be able to stop burning rubbish and plastic.”

Thank you for supporting this project last winter. WA again launched our Emergency Winter Appeal – Lebanon in 2022, to keep Palestinian families warm through the winter. Thank you for supporting this project in 2022.

*Names have been changed