Nasrallah’s Story

"This project brought a huge change to my life. I can return to work on my own farmland again. Now I am able to sell my crops and replant my land for the next season."


Community Development

Nasrallah, (28 years old) is a young Palestinian farmer, he lives with his wife and 4 children and his elderly parents in Al Zaytoon area, East of Gaza City. Nasrallah has been a farmer for more than 15 years, he used to plant his two dunums of land (2,000 M2) with seasonal vegetables and sell them in the market to gain income and support his family.

In 2014, his land was bombed by Israeli aircraft, destroying everything. He did not have enough money to replant the land again so had to start working with other farmers on their lands. This was low-paid work that barely covered the basic needs of his family and parents. Nasrallah could not afford to buy the medicine his parents needed, or enough food for daily family meals.

When interviewed Nasrallah said:

“In 2014, after my land was completely destroyed, I lost my entire source of income. I was unable to rehabilitate and replant my land due to the high costs of electricity, water and plants. I worked for other farmers for a few shekels on a daily basis, securing no more than $100 monthly that did not cover the basic needs of my family. I relied on assistance from my relatives. This project has brought a huge change to my life. It returned me back to working on my own land. I’m now able to sell my crops and replant the land for next season. Thank you WA, without your support I could not have restored my land to productivity.”

Nasrallah was one of the 66 farmers benefiting from the Emergency Support to Gaza Farmers project to get their destroyed and abandoned land rehabilitated and back to work and productivity, where a total of 127 dunums were completely replanted.

*Names have been changed