Khaledia’s Story

“Now I can pay the fees of university and the costs of my husband's medicines, after the crops are harvested and sold.”


Community Development

Mrs. Khaledia Qudeih, aged 59, lives in the Khuzaea area of Khan Younis city. Khaledia is a farmer, coming from a family of farmers, and she lost her source of income after the destruction of her greenhouse in May 2021. She is supporting a family of 11 members: her husband who suffers chronic diseases limiting his movement, 1 daughter and 4 sons over 18 who still live with them, and one married son with his wife and 2 daughters. 

The most pressing problems for Khaledia are being unable to find funds or support to pay for her daughter’s university fees, and to buy the basic blood pressure and diabetes medicines for her husband – to avoid further health complications. 

During 2022, Khaledia was selected to benefit from the project through the rehabilitation of her farm. Khaledia’s greenhouse was rehabilitated (pictured), the equipment and seedlings etc. were delivered, and her sons supported her in cultivating the crops. Now she can pay part of the costs of her daughter’s university fees and buy her husband’s medications. All family members help her in growing the current crops of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.

Khaledia said:

“I was very worried that my daughter would have to drop out of university because I did not have the fees for her registration. Now I am able to buy my husband’s medicines and before I had to see him suffer further, which was extremely distressing. Farming is my life, I have no other way of securing money for my family in such conditions in Gaza, I am getting older and life is more difficult.”

“Now I can pay the fees of university and the costs of my husband’s medicines, after the crops are harvested and sold.”