Fadi’s Story

“We will share the parcel with our neighbours”


Emergency Relief

Fadi lives with his family in the village of Malalha, to the South of Gaza city. Classified as one of the poorest areas of the Gaza Strip, several hundred families live there in very basic conditions. Unemployment is high and the only available source of income is the collection and sale of scrap for a few Shekels. The majority of the population depend on aid to meet their needs; daily household income is just $2-2.50 US dollars. Fadi’s family is made up of six people: his three sons, his daughter and his wife. They live in a small house that does not provide adequate protection either against the summer sun or winter cold and rain. 

The ‘Emergency Food Distribution Supporting Marginalised Farmers in Fitrah’ project supported local Gaza farmers, who provided fresh produce that was packed and distributed to vulnerable families. Each week for five weeks, fresh food packs (including chicken, fruit and vegetables) were distributed to over 1,000 families in Gaza. As a result, Fadi and his family were able to enjoy high-quality fresh food throughout Ramadan. His children were particularly happy with the parcels that they received.

Fadi said: 

“The distribution of parcels came very early, we received the first parcel on the third day of Ramadan. It came at exactly the right time. We had almost nothing left to eat. We were very happy with it, especially my kids. I can’t find work and did not know how to secure food for my family during Ramadan until I received this parcel.”

He added: 

“The parcel is sufficient for the whole week. It has many items that are needed by the family. I will give some of the items to my neighbours, we all live here as one family.”

*Names have been changed