Faalan’s Story

Restoring livelihoods of West Bank Olive Farmers


Community Development

Mr. Faalan Aqrabawi is a farmer with land close to the Itemar Israeli settlement, located between the villages of Beita and Beit Forik, in the Nablus District. These villages were all supported by this project.  Faalan has 10 dunums of land located in a hilly area. He completed all the work required to rehabilitate the land himself and the project provided him with 280 olive trees to plant. Planting the trees will not only provide an income in the future, but also reduce the immediate risk that his land will be confiscated by the Israeli settlers.

Faalan is head of a large family of 13 persons, with 3 sons and 8 daughters, in addition to his wife and himself. Mr. Aqrabawi relies on his land to support and sustain the livelihood of his family, and thanks to this project it will now be productive once more.

 1 dunum = 1,000 m2