Abdul’s Story

Abdul Muti did not think he would ever fish again.


Emergency Relief

Abdul Muti is a 57 year-old fisherman who lives at the Al Shate’e Refugee Camp in Gaza City. He was unable to make a living or to provide for the other eight members of his family when his fishing boat was severely damaged in the Israeli military assault on Gaza in 2014. He was not even able to do any other kind of work due to hypertension and a cartilage injury that he suffers from.

One of 120 fishermen in similar circumstances who were helped by the WA, Abdul was thrown a lifeline by the Gaza CBR team in the form of USD $7,500 to perform essential repairs on the boat. With his means of income restored, Abdul was able to raise a loan of $20,000, enabling him to fully rehabilitate his fishing craft. 

His immense gratitude and relief were obvious when he spoke to the project team afterwards:

“This project brought us hope, it has contributed to creating job opportunities as well for several fishermen on my boat.  Now I have 16 workers. I was following up the rehabilitation of the boat to ensure it is completely finished.  My boat has been back at sea since the beginning of July, ever since then it has not missed a single day of work! The living conditions of my family have greatly improved and I have paid back the debts I had. I expect to have the boat sailing in good conditions for the next five-seven years.” 

*Names have been changed