Abdulkarim’s Story

“I am blessed to have these food packages at this time to ensure healthy meals for my family.”


Community Development

Mr. Abdulkarim Amer Abu Musa, 54 years old, is an unemployed father from Khan Younis. Abdulkarim has seven children, five girls and two boys between 17 and 5 years old. They are all in school except for his eldest son, who has Downs Syndrome. Abdulkarim is the breadwinner for his family, but has been unable to find work due to paralysis in his right foot and the mobility difficulties this brings. 

Abdulkarim’s family live in an old, dilapidated house with cracked walls and inadequate sanitation facilities. Abdulkarim used to work in a shoe repairs kiosk, earning a small amount of 20 – 30 NIS daily (USD $6 – 9). He currently does not work and relies on support from relatives and friends, in addition to seasonal aid from some local institutions. The family is in a difficult position with no regular source of income.

Abdulkarim became unable to feed his family due to his health conditions and inability to work. Thanks to WA’s Ramadan Fresh Food Parcels project, Abdulkarim and his family were able to receive the food they needed. The relief and happiness were evident on the faces of the family members when WA project staff visited to deliver the food parcels. Abdulkarim and his family wished for the continuation of such assistance, expressing their sincere thanks and deep appreciation. He and his family received fresh food parcels for 3 weeks (once every week) during the holy month of Ramadan, which secured his family’s food during the remaining period of Ramadan and after Eid.

Abdulkarim said:

“We are facing very difficult conditions, we often cannot meet our family needs, especially medicines. I am blessed to have these food packages at this time to ensure healthy meals for my family.”

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