WAUK Newsletter – Gaza Ramadan Appeal 2022: 10/03/2022

During the Holy Month of Ramadan Help Struggling Families in Gaza to Find Their Next Meal – From the struggling Farmers to marginalised Families in Gaza

£30  Provides fresh food to a family for a whole week during Ramadan

£150  Provides fresh food to a family the entire Holy Month of Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Gaza is still facing harsh humanitarian conditions as a result of the continued siege, now in the 15th year.  In May 2021, thousands of families were impacted by the Israeli military bombardment of Gaza; with the massive destruction of homes and infrastructure, the loss of business and income, lack of access to basic services (health, education, clean water). Until now, up to 85% of these families are still unable to sustain themselves financially.

In response to these chronic conditions, Welfare Association continues to implement its emergency and community development programmes. WA will purchase the freshly harvested crops of local small-scale farmers, and will package a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs, together with a source of protein (e.g. chicken / eggs), to provide food parcels to hundreds of impoverished families in Gaza, each week for the 5 weeks of Ramadan.

Your generous support last Ramadan, which coincided with the May 2021 attack on Gaza, has left a great and lasting impact. Together, we were able to provide for over 8,000 families, and support around 600 small-scale farmers to secure their livelihoods, as well as providing over 3,000 workdays to unemployed workers, who helped package and distribute the food parcels, all of which has contributed to support the local economy. 

Please enable us to  extend a helping hand to families in  Gaza during the month of Ramadan 1443 Hijri.

Through your generosity, Welfare Association aims to help 3,000 families in Gaza, and support 300 local farmers this Ramadan.

Your generous contribution helps to provide fresh food parcels each week for the five weeks of Ramadan – supporting an entire family.

Your Donation is Highly Appreciated… Every Pound Helps.

Thank You!