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Emergency Appeal for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
East Jerusalem and Gaza Emergency Project - Supporting Frontline Emergency Responders (2021)
Emergency Support to Restore Gaza Farmers’ Livelihoods, 2020-21
Fresh Food Parcels distributed in Gaza, Ramadan 2021
Makassed Hospital Paediatric ICU
Restoring Mamluk Buildings, Jerusalem
Emergency Fresh Food Parcels Distributed in Northern Gaza – Ramadan 2020
Restoring the Livelihoods of Marginalised Farmers in Northern Gaza 2019-20
Restoring the Livelihoods of Marginalised Farmers in Southern Gaza 2019-20
Restoration of Al-Madrassah Al-Arghuniyyah Façade Project in the Old City of Jerusalem
Emergency Support for Farmers and Families in Gaza 2018
Emergency Provision of Urgent Medical Supplies for Gaza Hospitals
Emergency Support for Farmers in Rafah, Gaza
Emergency Fresh Food Parcels in Ramadan
Emergency Support for Refugee Families in the Bekaa Region of Lebanon
Emergency Community Based Rehabilitation Services for Children with Disabilities in Gaza
Emergency Support for Gaza Fishermen