WAUK Newsletter 30/04/2015

Here is an update on some of the emergency relief projects we have been working on in the last few months.

1. Gaza Winter Appeal Update

Gaza distribution.pngDistribution of blanket packs in Gaza
With the generous funds received in response to our Winter Appeal for Families in Gaza, we were able to support some of the worst affected families in Gaza following the devastating military attacks of last year. We have been providing emergency food and blanket packs, and winter clothing packs for children to families with no source of income and who have lost everything. We have also been able to provide essential repairs to roofs, windows, doors, and plumbing of family homes that were partially damaged. Most of the families were from some of the worst hit areas in the east of Gaza City such as Shija’ia, Sha’af and Zaytoun.

With further funding received, we have now been able to expand this emergency work to support more families who were badly affected. Essential repairs will be done to rehabilitate a further 100 damaged homes and we will also be providing 500 families with safe re-chargeable home light sets to support them through the frequent and long periods of power cuts as Gaza still waits for key infrastructure repairs and rebuilds to take place.


2. New Emergency Relief Project in Lebanon

Lebanon vouchers.pngRefugees using their vouchers to purchase hygiene items
The plight of refugees who have fled the crisis in Syria has continued to worsen. More than half a million Palestinian refugees from Syria are directly affected by the conflict. 45,000 Palestinian refugees have been displaced to neighbouring country Lebanon[1] and continue living in very overcrowded and inadequate conditions. “As refugees continue to enter Lebanon, the shelter absorption capacity of the country is rapidly diminishing, particularly in and around already crowded Palestinian refugee camps and the areas in which some of the most economically marginalised and vulnerable Lebanese communities reside.”[2] In response to this we have begun a new large-scale project which will provide essential renovation works to shelters housing Palestinian refugees in Beddawi Camp in north Lebanon. Families will also receive one-off vouchers to enable them to purchase essential hygiene items from pre-qualified local shops.


3. UK General Election

General election.pngThe UK General Election is scheduled to take place next week Thursday 7th May. In order to help voters make an informed decision on who to support, Palestine Solidarity Campaign have asked candidates who are standing for election across the country to provide their views on justice for the Palestinian people. If you would like to find out what stance the candidates standing in your constituency take on Palestinian human rights, then follow the link below and type in your postcode. http://www.palestinecampaign.org/candidatespalestine/