WAUK Newsletter 22/3/2013

1. Syria Crisis - News Update

Since the violence started in March 2011 it is estimated that 70,000 people have been killed inside Syria. Four million Syrians are in urgent need of assistance and up to two million Syrians have been internally displaced.

The UN estimates that up to 5,000 Syrians are fleeing Syria on a daily basis. As of the end of March the number of refugees who have fled Syria to adjacent countries, and registered with UNCHR, is close to one million. However, the UN reports that the figure could be far higher due to numbers of refugees who have not yet registered with the UNCHR. So far Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt have received the vast majority of Syrian refugees. Whilst each country’s varies in its ability to respond and absorb the influx of refugees they all report serious difficulties coping with the strain placed on infrastructure and resources.

There are approximately 350,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon, adding around 10% to the Lebanese population. Lebanon - where WA is providing support - has opted for a ‘no-camp policy’. Syrians are therefore dispersed throughout rural and urban Lebanon. Upwards of 30,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria have fled to Lebanon, they are now living the Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings throughout Lebanon. The ability for the Lebanese communities to absorb, support, and host, refugees is extremely limited due to the already high levels of poverty and overcrowding. A recent survey in Lebanon indicated that 40% of households in Lebanon are inhabited by ten-persons or more and 27% are inhabited by fifteen-persons or more. The survey also indicated that whilst sleeping arrangements are sufficient more than 70% of refugee families did not have enough winter blankets for the whole family.

2. Syria Crisis Appeal 

Supporting Refugees who fled Syria, living in the Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon

More than 1 million people have fled conflict in Syria

Over 300,000 have crossed the border into Lebanon

By March 2013, 30,000 of these families are living in the existing Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon.

Living with relatives and host families in severely cramped conditions, or in unused and unfit spaces/rooms that need urgent rehabilitation.

A survey of these families by international NGO ANERA notes:

• 46% of households inhabited by 10+ persons

• 27% of households inhabited by 15+ persons

• 80% of families do not have enough bedding

• 95% do not have enough clothing

Top Priorities Are Shelter, Food and Clothing.


We urgently need your support

£30 - will provide a food voucher for a family to buy key items (e.g rice, beans, flour, oil) 
£50 - will provide two families with clothing vouchers to purchase essential clothing items and shoes

£120 - will provide four families with food vouchers (supports approx. 20 children)

£1,000 - will provide food vouchers for more than 30 families

£10,000 will provide clothing for 400 families

£15,000 will rehabilitate up to 3 family rooms

Please Donate here

3. Syria Crisis Appeal- Amina’s Story


Amina lived in Jaramana Palestinian Refugee Camp, near Damascus, Syria. She and seven family members fled a battle zone in Syria and endured a difficult and exhausting journey to cross the border into Lebanon, with only a few personal belongings.

The family found this unused shelter in Qasmiyeh Gathering, South Lebanon. (The Gatherings are home to the poorest Palestinian refugee communities in Lebanon)

Amina and her family live in one small room, they have no income, and their home has no kitchen and no running water or drainage. Please support our Syria Crisis Appeal and help us to provide support to families like Amina’s.

4. Support the Syria Crisis Appeal

Please support families like Amina’s and Donate here