WAUK Newsletter 21/3/2014

Happy Spring!

Here is a quick update on some of the activities Welfare Association have been involved with in the last few months.


1. Emergency Relief in Gaza

Following the devastating winter storm (Storm Alexa) Gaza_Floods.pngin December which left thousands of people across the Gaza Strip displaced to temporary shelters and relatives’ homes, Welfare Association began implementing an emergency programme to provide urgent support to families affected by the severe flooding.



 In coordination with local partners we have been providing urgent necessities to many of the displaced families including food parcels, milk for children, blankets, children’s clothing and items for school including school uniforms and school bags full of stationery.


2. Supporting Palestinian Refugee Communities in South Lebanon

This four year project funded by the Big Lottery Fund is in its second year and a number of activities are underway. The project’s main purpose is to strengthen the capacities of 10,274 families across three official UNRWA Palestinian refugee camps (El Buss, Rashidiyeh, and Burj el Shemali camps) and 2,970 families across nine informal gatherings near Tyre, (Shabriha, Wasta, Al Burghuliyeh, Itaniyeh, Kfar Badda, Jim Jim, Maashouk, Jal el Baher, and Qasmieh), where Palestinians are particularly marginalised, lack public services and suffer high poverty levels. This will be achieved through community awareness-raising on key health topics such as, disabilities, women's health, pychosocial health,

Microloans_Recipient.pngA microloan recipient in her fuel business workshop
and environmental health, building local NGO skills in providing services and support for people with disabilities, improving access to clean water for the communities in the six gatherings where their water is not directly from the Lebanese Municipalities supply – but is from wells and aquifers, and provision of a microloans initiative to help develop and build livelihoods and generate regular incomes for these families.

Following a comprehensive due diligence process, applicant interviewing and business plan assessment, a total of 70 microloans have been awarded so far. These microloans have been supporting a variety of business ventures such as grocery shops, taxi services, electricians, food and beverage providers, clothes and accessories shops, plumbing businesses, general construction, photography, tailor and painting businesses. 51 of these recipients were from Burj Al Shemali Camp, 5 from Maashouk Gathering, 5 from Shabriha Gathering, 3 from El Buss Camp, 1 from Qasmiyeh Gathering, 1 from Rashidieh Camp and the remaining 4 recipients were from other locations in the Tyre area.   

Social_Workers.pngSocial workers participating in psychosocial training session


The psychosocial training sessions have begun, which are being provided to local social workers in topics such as mental health, anxiety, depression and trauma, family dynamics and self-esteem. Water caretakers have also completed training on water management techniques, and this will allow for good practice to continue long after the project completion.




3. Palestine Marathon 2014

    WAY: Running for the right to MOVE!









The Welfare Association for Youth (WAY) is a youth network initiated through WA, focused on enabling Palestinian and international youth to become active philanthropists in support of projects and progress for Palestinian communities. WAY is forming a team to participate in the Palestine Marathon on 11th April 2014 in Bethlehem to raise awareness of Palestinians’ “Right to freedom of movement” and to support the production of “Tales of a City by the Sea” in Palestine.

Tales of a City by the Sea

Premiering on 11th November 2014, Tales of a City by the Sea, a Palestinian story of love and separation will be brought to life on three different stages in three cities, in two languages (Arabic and English) within three different artistic interpretations. For more information on the film visit the website www.talesofacitybythesea.com

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement, but not everyone is granted this right. Restriction on movement is one of the major challenges which face Palestinians. Please support this campaign to promote the human rights of Palestinians.

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