WAUK Newsletter 20/04/2012

New programmes funded by Cycling 4 Gaza start!

Jordan_Cycling_Event_600.jpgThe C4G Cyclists in Jordan, December 2011
Last year’s sponsored cycling event from Aqaba to Amman raised an amazing £220,866 and we are now able to support two extra projects, bringing the total to five new WA projects from this event. These projects will support young children in Gaza with disabilities and special educational needs and they are providing rehabilitation and medical services, support for young children with hearing and sight difficulties, and by developing counselling units in schools and funding a number of summer camps psychosocial support services will be provided for children traumatised by the continued conflict in the region. 

One of the new WA projects that started last month is the project with the National Society for Rehabilitation. This is a 12-month project that will be implemented in Rafah (2.2% of 192,000 persons are disabled; 30% are children) and Khan Younis (3.7% of 170,000 persons are disabled; 37% are children) for children with disabilities. Through a multi-disciplinary team, 650 children with disabilities, their families, local communities, including nurseries and teachers, will benefit from rehabilitation services including: health care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychosocial support, provision of disability aids, home and school adaptation, and parents’ knowledge will be updated on best-practice health-care requirements for their child.

Our thanks go to C4G, all the cyclists and all sponsors - THANK YOU!

Renovations in Ein El Helweh Kindergarten, Sidon, South Lebanon

Children_in_Ein_el_Hilweh_KG_enjoy_their_new_facilities.jpgChildren in Ein el Hilweh KG enjoy their new facilities

Ein El Helweh Refugee Camp is the largest of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, it was established in 1948 and UNRWA has registered 47,500 refugees there. Working with Association Najdeh’s Kindergarten, which accommodates 85 children, this project’s activities included urgent rehabilitation work such as redecorating classrooms and provision of new educational resources including a PC, renovation of toilet facilities and improvements to the children’s playground to improve safety and provide shelter during summer and wet weather and new outdoor play equipment. (Teachers had attended further training on active learning methodologies, in an earlier project.) WA is implementing a number of Kindergarten projects as support for Early Childhood Development is currently a core area of our work.

New projects in Jerusalem and Nablus

Classroom_in_Wadi_Joz_KG.jpgClassroom in Wadi Joz Kindergarden
This WA project supports more than 150 children in two kindergartens in Palestine managed by the Arab Women’s Union. The first is in Wadi Joz, East Jerusalem where poverty rates are extremely high and the second is in Nablus and serves some of the most disadvantaged families in Nablus city, including orphans; scholarships were offered in both locations. These kindergartens were in need of more extensive renovation and replacement of very old or unsafe outdoor play equipment. Welfare Association is improving the infrastructure of classrooms, toilets and kitchen areas and outdoor play environments, including a new sun roof in Nablus which will greatly increase the space of the play area. Other activities include upgrading teachers skills with special training courses and the provision of daily meals to improve the children’s health.

New_sun_roof_and_outdoor_play_equipment.jpgNew sun roof and outdoor play equipment
Meal plans were developed and all children are being served light nutritious meals four days a week with one weekly hot meal. Light meals include milk, cheese, humous, labaneh, sandwiches and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The hot meal includes a variety of stews and casseroles. The meals encourage the children to discuss and learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Workshops are also being held with their parents to discuss child development issues, and have been well attended.