WAUK Newsletter 13/07/2012

New Big Lottery Fund Grant for our project in South Lebanon!

We are very pleased to announce that The Big Lottery Fund have awarded Welfare Association a grant of £500,000 to develop our vital work supporting Palestinian refugees living in camps and gatherings in south Lebanon.

Children_in_Gatherings_LebanonChildren in Gatherings Lebanon
The refugee communities living in the gatherings in south Lebanon are known for being among the most marginalised of all of the refugee communities across the entire country, lacking access to public services and also beyond the mandate of UNRWA because they are not in official camps. Due to the informal status of the gatherings, they are also often excluded from projects and activities undertaken by NGOs. 56% of the total Palestinian population in Lebanon is unemployed, with only 13% of women employed. The South has the highest percentage of people who are in employment in agriculture and construction, often linked with unstable and seasonal incomes. One third of Palestinians have chronic illnesses, however 95% of the population does not have health insurance. This has a particular impact on women and people living with disabilities and health issues.

This four year project will support 2,970 families across nine gatherings and 10,274 families across three refugee camps. It will strengthen the capacities of these highly marginalised Palestinian refugee communities, through community awareness-raising on social and health topics, strengthening NGO capacities in community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities, introducing techniques to improve environmental health and initiating a microloan scheme with business support.

Providing Community Based Rehabilitation Services for Children with Disabilities in Gaza

Physio.jpgContinuing with our community based rehabilitation (CBR) work in Gaza, this new project began in April to facilitate the inclusion of 200 children with disabilities into their surrounding environment by improving their mobility, and physical, social and health conditions. Working with our local partner, The Mercy Association, this project provides integrated CBR services to disabled children living in isolated and difficult to reach areas of Gaza, who have not been supported by previous NGO interventions and who have urgent needs.

The CBR services include physiotherapy sessions and nursing services, psychosocial support, speech therapy, provision of assistive devices and medications. The assistive devices and disability aids include wheel chairs, wheel chair cushions, elbow crutches, standing frames, wheeled walkers, etc. to support the children’s needs and improve their abilities to conduct everyday tasks and attend school.

During the physiotherapy sessions, mothers are trained on basic and essential exercise routines for their children so they are able to continue these services after the project has been completed. Group psychosocial sessions include art therapy such as, drawing, clay modelling, and outdoor recreational style therapy to help children overcome personal trauma and reduce stress.


Welfare Association will be holding a Gala Dinner on Saturday 17th November 2012, in Bloomsbury, London.

Please ‘save the date’ in your diaries. This dinner is only held every three years in London and 2012 is not to be missed! More info to follow.

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