WAUK Newsletter 08/07/2015


1. Mother and Child Health Project in Lebanon

Mother with newborn.pngIn Lebanon we have been working to support some of the most marginalised Palestinian refugees from Syria living in Shatilla and Burj El Barajneh Refugee Camps, Beirut. We have just completed this project which has provided 636 Palestinian refugee women with improved access to mother and child health services and information through the provision of maternal health kits, personalised home visits and awareness raising sessions.

306 pregnant women received a pregnancy health kit which included prenatal multi-vitamins, calcium supplements, maternity pads, sanitary pads, breast pads and soap. 330 new mothers received new mother and baby kits which included packs of baby nappies, baby soap & cream, baby shampoo, baby pyjamas and disinfectant for cleaning the home.

The kits were distributed during awareness-raising sessions, when two trained social workers provided the women with information on a range of key topics related to maternal health. The social workers also conducted home visits where they provided more personalised advice and follow-up, based on the health needs of each woman.

2. Supporting Children with Disabilities in Gaza

Physiotherapy session.pngIn Gaza, we have just completed a community-based rehabilitation project to provide urgently needed services to 190 children with disabilities living in southern Gaza. A total of 2,900 rehabilitation sessions have been delivered in the homes of the children which included physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions. During sessions, mothers of children were trained to conduct the basic exercises necessary to support their children and so they can continue the routines when the project ends.  878 psychosocial sessions were delivered to 119 children and each of these individual sessions were followed by a counselling session involving the whole family to give them all an opportunity to discuss any worries with a professional, and to facilitate better interaction and communication between family members. 1,168 medical follow-up and awareness sessions were delivered to 149 children and 62 children received assistive devices to improve their mobility and allow them a greater degree of independence. The awareness of the community on the rights and needs of disabled children was increased, with 24 awareness-raising sessions which were attended by 919 community members.  

3. Ramadan Appeal 

Gaza Fitra Distibution.pngWe are now in the holy month of Ramadan and again this year, Welfare Association will be supporting some of the poorest families living in marginalised areas of Gaza through the provision of key nutritional food parcels, to enable them to celebrate the festival of Eid ul Fitr, which marks the end of the period of fasting.

The economic situation in Gaza has inevitably worsened following the widespread destruction during the conflict last year. With our local partner, we will be distributing food parcels containing items such as rice, pasta, a variety of legumes, canned meat, cheese, oil (for cooking), jam, sugar, tea, dates, halvah and chocolate.

Please donate generously to allow us to increase the number of families we are able to support this year. 

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