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Cycling 4 Gaza Greece 2011

The Challenge

Cycling 4 Gaza is an initiative founded by a group of concerned young people in the wake of the 2009 war on Gaza. In 2009 C4G cycled from London to Paris in 3 days, reaching the Eiffel Tower on the 4th July. In 2010 C4G worked with Welfare Association and cycled across Italy in 4 days, between two of the most famous landmarks in Europe, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum in Rome. Raising over £130,000 from Gaza Community Mental Health programme, Atfaluna Centre for the Deaf and Ghassan Kanafaneh Kindergartens.


Greece 2011 Challenge
Wednesday 19th October – Sunday 23rd October 2011

2011 will see C4G, supporting Welfare Association projects in Gaza, starting out from Olympia, where the Olympic Games began more than 2,700 years ago, the foundation of all athletic and sporting challenges! The challenge will end in Athens at the Kallimarmaro stadium, used in ancient times and in 1870 hosted the first modern Olympic games.


Gradients: Olympia to Athens

Day 1: Thursday 20 October : Ancient Olympia to Psathopyrgos

Distance: 118km / Climb: 968m


We have an exciting start, setting off bright and early from Olympia, and cycling north through traditional Greek villages towards Psathopyrgos, where we stay overnight.

Day 2: Friday 21 October : Psathopyrgos to Loutraki

Distance: 137km / Climb: 1015m


We leave the beautiful village of Psathopygos, to begin cycling east along the Greek coastline towards Loutraki, a spa-resort town on the Isthmus of Corinth. We will relax here overnight.

Day 3: Saturday 22 October : Loutraki to Kallimarmaro Stadium, Athens

Distance: 110km / Climb 932m


We set off from Loutraki continuing east towards Athens, to complete our challenge early afternoon in the famous Kallimarmaro Stadium. Later that evening there will be a celebration dinner for everyone!

Where the money you raise will go

Cycling 4 Gaza 2011 will be supporting children in Gaza: in particular those seriously injured and disabled in the conflict, through one of the core programmes of Welfare Association: The Gaza Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme. This programme will support children’s urgent health and educational needs in the following projects with:

The National Society for Rehabilitation: in Khan Younis and Rafah will support 650 children with disabilities. As a result of this project 650 children will have an improved quality of life, supported by their families and the community and will have better access to education and rehabilitation services.

Society for the Care of the Handicapped in the Gaza Strip, ‘Sun Centre Children’s Club’ will support 180 disabled children. As a result of this project 180 children will improve their quality of life and at least 50% will have improved their mental, sensory and cognitive skills and the ‘Sun Centre Children’s Club’ will be able to offer quality educational film and theatre activities in a safe, well-equipped educational facility.

Nour El Marifa Association ‘Friendly Learning Spaces’ will invite 250 children with special needs and learning difficulties from some of the most impoverished areas in the middle of Gaza and support them in basic skill development in Arabic, English and Maths. In addition there are psychological support activities, recreational / therapeutic activities such as family days, concerts, social day trip e.g. to the beach to relieve stress, and also to develop other talents and abilities there are: artistic, cultural and dramatic activities, e.g. folklore, scouting, and trips to educational centres such as public libraries and cultural centres which all combine to develop a child’s skills and talents, build self-confidence and raise self-esteem.


If you are also concerned about the situation in Gaza, and feel that you would like to raise awareness about the crisis there, and you want to help us raise essential funds, then please join the Cycling 4 Gaza challenge this year!

Your participation in the Cycling4Gaza: Olympia to Athens Challenge 2011 means you will be supporting Welfare Association, helping us to continue our vital work on the ground to support thousands of Palestinians continuing to struggle with life under siege in Gaza.

For the registration pack, please contact Stuart Alexander at the Welfare Association: salexander@welfareassociation.org.uk

It is very important that you return the forms and your registration fee to us by 30th July 2011 as places are limited, please do not delay.

Alternatively, to sponsor these projects please Donate here


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