WAUK Newsletter 01/07/2014

1. Update: Emergency Relief for refugees from Syria living in Lebanon

Since the conflict began in Syria in March 2011, over 2.7 million Syrian refugees have fled to neighbouring countries, with over 1 million of these refugees seeking refuge in Lebanon. Welfare Association has been implementing a number of emergency programmes in the Palestinian camps and gatherings throughout Lebanon to provide urgent assistance to vulnerable refugees living in terrible conditions. In south Lebanon we have been able to provide clothing and food vouchers and improve living conditions through basic shelter repairs, in Tripoli, Saida and across the Beqaa Valley, we have been providing food packages and hygiene kits, and in the Beirut area in partnership with the European Commission's Department of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) we are providing cash assistance to newly arrived refugee families and some very basic shelter repairs to improve hygiene, sanitation and safety standards.Family_receiving_emergency_food_parcel_in_Beqaa_Lebanon.png

Following the successful December 2013 distributions of emergency food packs and hygiene kits to 800 struggling families across the Beqaa Valley, facing the harsh winter conditions, we have been able to continue this support to a further 800 Palestinian refugee families from Syria in this region with three additional rounds of emergency support distributions. In May 2014, one round of 800 food packages and a one-off round of 700 hygiene kits and 700 children's kits were successfully distributed to families living in Palestinian refugee camp of Wavel in Baalbek and in the surrounding areas in the Beqaa Valley region. 

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2. Update: Emergency relief for families affected by floods in Gaza


In response to the severe flooding and damage caused by Storm Alexa Gaza in December 2013, which left thousands of people displaced from their homes, our emergency programme provided urgent support to the families that were badly affected. Priority was given to the poorest families with damage to their homes and loss of belongings, and especially those with children enrolled in school. 

In total we supported 1368 displaced families in Beit Lahia, north of Gaza Strip.  

We provided:

  • Food parcels which included items such as rice, pasta, cheese, canned meat etc.
  • Children’s clothes packages which included t-shirts, jeans, underwear, shoes and pyjamas and the children were able to select the correct sized clothes they needed
  • School bags for children containing pens, pencils, books and  stationery so they can return to school properly equipped
  • Rechargeable lighting sets so homes are not in darkness during power cuts and families not at risk from using candles

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3. Family health project in south Lebanon


In response to calls from local NGOs and UNRWA for a family health campaign in the camps and gatherings in Lebanon, this project was extended to support families living in the camps and gatherings in south Lebanon in 2013. To raise awareness and local knowledge of health issues, Welfare Association developed the Family Health Binder in consultation with local communities and health professionals in our previous four-year Big Lottery Fund project in Nahr el Bared camp. The binder has key information presented in a straightforward non-technical style and with illustrations to increase understanding, it is intended to be practical, helpful and with the information easily accessible for all members of the family. The chapters in this health binder include: Maternal Health, Psychosocial Health, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Nutrition and Prevention & Safety. In addition, two new chapters were added to the binder: Dental Health Care and Children with Disability. 

5000 copies of the new 8-chapter health binder were distributed to women in three camps in Tyre (Rashidieh, Burj el-Shemali and El Buss) and in some of the informal gatherings in south Lebanon, in addition to 850 additional copies of just the two new chapters as inserts for the previously-printed binders for families in Nahr El Bared as part of the previous project.

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4. Ramadan Appeal 2014 - Distributing food parcels to impoverished families in Gaza

The holy month of Ramadan has begun and again this year, Welfare Association will be supporting some of the poorest families living in marginalised areas of Gaza through the provision of key nutritional food packages, giving priority to families supporting orphans and/or with disabled children to enable them to celebrate the festival of Eid al Fitr, which marks the end of the period of fasting. With our local partner, we will be distributing food parcels including rice, pasta, a variety of legumes, cheese, oil (for cooking), jam, sugar, tea, dates, halvah and chocolate.

Please donate generously to allow us to increase the number of families we are able to support this year. Last year Welfare Association’s Zakat al Fitr food packages supported a total of 2616 families in Gaza. Please donate early so that families will receive their parcel in time.

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