WAUK Newsletter 30/10/2019

Restoring Farmers Livelihoods in Gaza 2019-2020: 


We have recently begun two new projects working with a total of 272 farmers in Gaza, to restore and replant 544 dunums of farmland (one dunum = approx. 1000 square metres). The land will be cleared and ploughed and the farmers will be equipped with irrigation networks, seedlings, young trees, etc, in order to return to work and restore their lands’ productivity.

The Gaza Strip faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis impacting the livelihoods of, and access to service for, two million residents. This crisis has been driven by over 12 years of Israeli blockade. Agriculture is one of the most critical sectors for the Palestinian economy as it contributes significantly to income, exports, food security and job creation. However, due to the restrictions of the blockade, ongoing violence, political instability and land loss (from previous conflict destruction), Palestinian farmers have been unable to meet even their most basic daily / family needs, let alone earn a  higher income. Consequently, developing sustainable agriculture is essential.

In 2014 damages totalled US$ 550 million[1] during Israeli Military Operation ‘Protective Edge,’  with the destruction of cultivated land, greenhouses, livestock and poultry farms, water wells, irrigation networks and other productive assets. Losses in agriculture were in fruit tree production, greenhouse production, crops, livestock, stored production and fishing revenues.

The vast majority of people in Gaza could not provide sufficient food for themselves before the crisis (although food was available in markets, they were unable to afford it). By early 2019, around 69% of families were food insecure or vulnerable to food insecurity, 66% received food assistance, 53% lived on less than US$2 per day and 54.9% faced unemployment. The projects with Gaza farmers are restoring livelihoods, replanting the land, and providing quantities of crops at reasonable prices, thereby improving food security.

Click here to read Said’s story and how this project impacted his life.


Eye Sight Screening for Children in Gaza: 

gaza sight 1.png


Welfare Association, in partnership with the local organisation, Bunyan Association for Community Development, will be conducting a six months project to screen the eyesight of 7000 children in kindergartens, special education centres and schools across southern Gaza. Those with any eye sight weaknesses will receive prescription spectacles. The children will be able to choose the frames they prefer and these will be fitted with the correct prescription lenses. Ultimately this will contribute to improving the sight and inclusion of young children in southern Gaza. (Previously, the WA sight-screening project in 2018, provided sight examinations for 1,974 children in 11 schools.  450 children were found to have sight problems that required spectacles (22.8%), and all received the correct prescription glasses). To read more about the impact of this project, click here to find out about Amal’s experience.


Omar Kamal Live in London: 

omar kamal 1.png 


Palestine's answer to Frank Sinatra - Sunday 24 November 2019 (Aldwych Theatre, LONDON)

After packing out shows at the Beit Eddine Arts Festival, the Pyramids of Egypt, Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi) and the Roman Theatre in Amman, we are happy to announce that Omar Kamal, (a chart-topping singer, composer, and music producer from Nablus),  will be playing his greatest hits and songs from his new Album on Sunday 24th November 2019 at the prestigious Aldwych Theatre in the West End.

Critically acclaimed for his ability to take audiences on a mesmerising and emotionally evocative musical journey ranging from all-time classics to modern day masterpieces, Omar’s show is one not to be missed.

To book tickets either call the box office on 03452007981 or click here to book tickets online.

[1] Gaza Initial Rapid Assessment, OCHA. https://goo.gl/PlV5mX