WAUK Newsletter 22/04/2016


It has been an extremely busy few months at WA-UK and we’d like to update you on some of the things we have been working on.

1. Gala Dinner Projects

Our fundraising Gala Dinner for the Children of Palestine, which took place at the end of last year, raised a total of £331,827! With these funds we have been able to implement a variety of important projects to support some of the most vulnerable and marginalised Palestinians:

  • Eye Test.pngChild receiving free eye test
    In Gaza, we have been providing children in 50 schools, kindergartens and special education centres with early detection and protection support services for sight and hearing problems.
    Sight and hearing examinations will be provided for 4,500 children to identify potential sight and hearing loss issues and we will be providing hearing aids and glasses to children in need.
  • In south Gaza, we have been rehabilitating the homes of families in Rafah that were subjected to damage by the latest assault on Gaza in 2014. A total of 47 families will have their homes rehabilitated through repairs to roofs and holes in walls and replacing damaged windows and doors and this will enable them to finally return to their daily lives in a safe, secure and weather-proof home.
  • In Wavel Camp, in the Beqaa region of eastern Lebanon we have been distributing one-off bundles of 6 x $20 vouchers for essential winter items to 850 families, including 680 Palestinian refugee families from Syria and 170 Palestinian refugee families in urgent need.
    Father with newborn collecting voucher.pngFather with newborn collecting voucher
    The vouchers were exchanged in prequalified stores for fuel, warm winter clothes and bedding only. Just before this project began UNRWA received additional emergency funding and provided blankets and mattresses to some of these families, which meant our funding could go even further for this community.  
  • In Beddawi and Nahr el Bared Camps in north Lebanon we have been rehabilitating 100 shelters, where Palestinian refugees from Syria have sought refuge in sub-standard shelters often in unfinished or hazardous buildings that lack the most basic infrastructure or water and sanitation facilities. 
    ECHO PRS shelter rehab in burj.pngShelter rehabilitation works in Burj el Barajneh
    This project will support approximately 350 individuals.
  • In Burj El Barajneh Camp in Beirut, we have been providing 25 of the most vulnerable Palestinian refugee families from Syria with urgently needed shelter rehabilitation assistance. The works have focused on safety, security, weatherproofing, and installation of essential Water and sanitation facilities.

2. New Ramadan Appeal

Distributing to old man.pngDistributing food parcels in Gaza

We have launched our new Ramadan appeal which will be distributing fresh food parcels each week for 5 weeks during Ramadan with the aim of providing 720 impoverished families in Gaza with urgently needed food parcels. 

The fresh food parcels will be supplied by 100 small farmers, therefore boosting their livelihoods, which have been badly affected by the closure policy.

 We hope to be able to raise large funds again this year to enable us to support more families who are struggling to meet their basic food needs. Please donate generously to allow us to increase the number of families we are able to support this year. Click here to donate