WAUK Newsletter 11/12/2019

Christmas Emergency Appeal: Supporting Traumatised Students in Gaza

Christmas Emergency Appeal: Supporting Traumatised Students in Gaza

Children living in Gaza have experienced very high rates of psychosocial distress due to the ongoing conflict.

A study conducted by the Norwegian Refugee Council in early 2019, found that 68% of school children show clear indications of psychosocial distress and 54% of children said they no longer had hope for a brighter future. 81% of children struggle academically due to conflict-related stress.

Welfare Association is implementing the Gaza School Counselling Unit Programme, to increase access to mental health services at schools, for traumatised students. The project is focussed on schools nearest to conflict zones, so far reaching more than 50 schools and 11,000+ children.

The Gaza School Counselling Unit Programme has five main interventions:

-        Developing dedicated counselling units in schools, and equipping / furnishing them.

-        Arranging further training and mentoring for school counsellors.

-        Providing a range of counselling services for traumatised students.

-        Awareness-raising for parents and teachers.

-        Providing therapeutic activities for students

Please help us reach more traumatised children in Gaza by supporting this urgent appeal

and donating here.

 Welfare Association Annual Review 2018-2019

Our latest annual review has been published on our website! Click HERE to check it out!

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West Bank Child Care Programme 2019

Welfare Association is very pleased to have started a new programme working with vulnerable children and their guardians across the West Bank in 2019, focusing on securing their basic rights by supporting their education, nutritional and health care needs. 

The programme is currently able to include approximately 1800 children who are living in very difficult conditions having lost one or both parents. The main activities will be to provide access to food and hygiene items throughout the year, and ‘back to school’ uniform and equipment in August just before the new academic year begins in September, through the provision of vouchers which can be exchanged at pre-qualified stores for a range of specified items.

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This project is improving the children’s quality of life and ensuring they can access some of their basic rights.

(In addition the use of vouchers in local shops will help support local shopkeepers by enabling them to secure a regular source of income.)


mailchimp 3.jpg   On behalf of the Welfare Association we would like to say a big thank you for your generous support this year, every £1 donated helps make a difference.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!