WAUK Newsletter 06/12/2017


1. In Memory of Mr. A M Qattan

It is with immense sadness that the staff and Board of Welfare Association UK, report that our founder and key supporter Mr Abdel Mohsin Al-Qattan, passed away on the morning of 4th December 2017.  WA-UK has always been generously supported and advised by Mr Al-Qattan, a lifelong philanthropist, who also hosted our offices in London at the Qattan Foundation for the last 16 years. Mr Al-Qattan was always the first to support our emergency appeals and fundraising events for children in Gaza, and in the Camps and Gatherings in Lebanon, and our development projects in Palestine and Lebanon.

Mr. Al-Qattan was a great champion of WA-UK, an extraordinarily generous philanthropist, and a very wise elder of the Palestinian community. He was truly one of the greats and will be hugely missed by all of us at Welfare Association and by anyone who knew him. Read more. 

We send our sincere condolences to Mr Al-Qattan’s Family.


2.    Emergency Support for Families in Gaza this Winter

The 2014 assault on Gaza was the most devastating in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Israeli occupation in 1967. It resulted in the deaths of 2,251 Palestinians, including at least 1,462 civilians. Over 11,000 Palestinians were injured, including hundreds of people left with a long-term disability, and huge numbers of the population, particularly children, were traumatised. The destruction or severe damage of some 17,800 housing units left approximately 100,000 people displaced. Gaza’s infrastructure, businesses and agricultural land also sustained significant damage.

Gaza Winter Family Brazier brightness altered max w 600 519.jpg

Three years on, most of Gaza’s population is still struggling with the aftermath of the conflict. Some 29,000 (over 5,500 families) of the 100,000 people remain unable to return home and are struggling to cope in sub-standard living conditions. The impact of the current electricity crisis with barely 3 hours of electricity per day is making daily life even more unbearable, especially in winter weather conditions.

This project is providing family blanket packs and winter clothing for children to some of the most vulnerable families, to enable them to cope with the cold winter weather conditions. Families will receive a pack of two heavy quality blankets and vouchers for their children’s winter clothing package. They will take the vouchers to pre-agreed stores and they can choose pyjamas, jeans, woolly jumper, underwear, socks and a winter jacket, plus a hat, scarf and gloves for each child. They can also select the style, fabric and colour they prefer. This way, everyone is happy and any fabric the child may be allergic to can be avoided. The project helps protect against the cold and also brings some joy to the families at this time of year.

So far this project has provided blanket packs for almost 200 families and arranged winter clothing for more than 500 children.


3. Emergency Winter Fuel Support and Shelter Rehabilitation for Palestinian Refugees from Syria now living in the Bekaa Region of Lebanon

This project is providing support for essential winter fuel and shelter improvements for some of the most vulnerable families in Wavel Refugee Camp, Bekaa, Lebanon. This region is hosting over 1,800 Palestinian refugee families from Syria and experiences some of the harshest winter weather conditions with severe snow and rain storms.

Bekka fuel vouchers reduced size.jpg

This project will provide more than 700 families in the camp with vouchers to exchange for heating and cooking fuel. The families can then exchange their vouchers for fuel at their local garage, as pre-arranged by our WA team in Lebanon. The vouchers and the fuel will cover the coldest winter months and the families can purchase as required. This is essential support as families live in extremely poor accommodation and struggle to meet their daily needs, they cannot afford to buy this fuel themselves. The project distributed 2x $25 vouchers exchangeable for heating/cooking fuel to nearly 800 families between the 6th and 8th December 2017. 

The project will also provide 12 Palestinian refugee families from Syria with urgent shelter rehabilitation support, prioritising the most essential structural and safety issues (e.g. electrical wiring, cracks, corrosion, ceilings, roofing); health and hygiene (improving kitchen / bathroom facilities) and security, privacy and weather protection issues by repairing and /or replacing doors and windows.


Story from the Field: Shadia* 

Shadia Bekka case study resize.jpgShadia, the grandmother of Randa (9 years old) and Abdul (7 years old) is one of the beneficiaries who received the vouchers for heating fuel. Her son, 41 year old Mahmoud, is living in Syria and his wife, 39 year old Mariam, moved to Germany two years ago. The children have been living with their grandmother ever since. Shadia was very thankful.

“I will exchange the voucher now for heating fuel which lasts for a month! It will be a very cold winter this year, that’s what everyone is saying”, said Shadia.

*All names have been changed




4. Welfare Association Annual Review 2016-2017

Please follow this link to take a look at our latest Annual Review.

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A big thank you to all of our donors, for your generous support this year, every £1 donated helps make a difference.

 We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!