WAUK Newsletter 04/12/2018


This winter 72% of Gaza’s two million people are registered as refugees; 526,856 Palestinians are living below the abject poverty line and 55,100 families are in need of shelter assistance. Israel’s blockade of Gaza continues to severely restrict the movement of people and goods, as a result key infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and homes, badly damaged by the 2014 Israeli bombardment, remain unrepaired. The ongoing electricity crisis, with electricity provision dropping to as little as 4 hours a day, has made the situation even worse.Facebook screenshot of Gaza 2018 Emergency Appeal .jpg

Thousands of families, still unable to afford to repair their damaged homes, remain displaced and struggle in sub-standard shelters or in the overcrowded homes of relatives.  More than 80% of the population is now dependent on some form of assistance.

Families in Gaza are expecting to face cold winter weather conditions. They are in urgent need of support. Please help us to provide heavy duty blankets and essential warm winter clothing for children.

(Last year thanks to your support, we provided 225 families with blanket packs, and sets of warm clothing (including winter jacket, hat, scarf and gloves, woolly jumper, jeans, pyjamas,) to 470 children in our Gaza Emergency Winter project.)

Please donate generously to this urgent appeal.

You can do this directly through our website here or by donating through our Facebook page.

2. Emergency Winter Programme for Palestinian Refugees in the Bekaa Region of Lebanon

Bekaa vouchers.jpg

 The Bekaa region is hosting approximately 1800 Palestinian refugee families from Syria, with at least 700 families living close to the existing Wavel Refugee Camp. For the last three years Welfare Association has supported these families during the winter season, as the weather can be very harsh with severe snow and rain storms that lead to flooding, making conditions especially difficult for these most vulnerable refugee families living in some of the poorest shelters.

This year Welfare Association is providing vouchers exchangeable for heating and cooking fuel (with prequalified suppliers) to 700 Palestinian refugee families from Syria and 150 of the long term Palestinian refugees from Lebanon. Without access to adequate heating, these vulnerable groups would face increased health issues and misery during the winter months.


3. Welfare Association Annual Review 2017-2018

Our latest Annual Review has just been published. 

Annual Review 2017-2018 Front Cover for newsletter resized.jpg

Please follow this link to take a look.

4. Online Video Gallery

For more details on our projects please take a look at our new online video gallery on our website.

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A big thank you for your generous support this year, every £1 donated helps make a difference.

 We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!