WAY: Running for the right to MOVE!

The Welfare Association for Youth (WAY) is a semi-autonomous youth network initiated through WA, focused on enabling Palestinian and international youth to become active philanthropists for sustainable, social and humanitarian progress for the Palestinian People. WAY is forming a team to participate in the Palestine Marathon on 11th April 2014 in Bethlehem to raise awareness of Palestinians’ “Right to freedom of movement” and to support the production of “Tales of a City by the Sea” in Palestine.

Tales of a City by the Sea

Premiering on 11th November 2014, Tales of a City by the Sea, a Palestinian story of love and separation will be brought to life on three different stages in three cities, in two languages (Arabic and English) within three different artistic interpretations. For more information on the film visit the website

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement, but not everyone is granted this right. Restriction on movement is one of the major challenges which face Palestinians. Please support this campaign to promote the human rights of Palestinians!