Cycling Challenge: Aqaba to Dead Sea – Jordan


Over 5000 children in Gaza benefitted from this cycling event

2011 was the second year that the Cycling for Gaza (C4G) group worked with Welfare Association (UK), to organise a unique 3-day cycling challenge raising funds for Gaza. The cycle was in Jordan with all cyclists flying into Amman to meet up.

Day 1 / 8th December 2011: Aqaba to Feynan 135km.
Day 2 / 9th December 2011: Feynan to Mujib 127km.
Day 3 / 10th December 2011: Mujib to the Dead Sea 85km.

Total 347km in just 3 days!

A total of 26 cyclists successfully completed the event in Jordan. In early 2012 more than £220,000 was raised for five projects in Gaza supporting over 1900 children with disabilities and with special educational needs.  

  1. Improving The Learning Environment For Children With Special Needs in Gaza, working with local partner Nour El Marifa –  (£31,494.8)
  2. Community Based Rehabilitation in Khan Younis and Rafah, working with local partner The National Society For Rehabilitation (£63,411)
  3. A School Based Counselling Programme For Traumatised Young Children In Gaza, working with local partner Gaza Community Mental Health Programme  – (£37,304)
  4. Addressing Sight and Hearing Difficulties/Disabilities For Children In Kindergartens In Gaza,  working with local partner Al Wefaq Relief And Development Society  – (£44,557)
  5. Establish An Integrated Quality Educational Programme Or “Club” For Children With Special Needs In Gaza, working with local partner Society For The Care Of The Handicapped In The Gaza Strip – (£44,100)

These projects included more than 5,000 children and their families and provided support for those with special needs by: 

  • upgrading the skills of more than 40 teachers and educational professionals
  • establishing 6 counselling units within 6 public schools, providing psychological support for traumatised children and organising 6 summer camps including therapeutic / recreational and confidence building activities for these children
  • providing 2,680 physiotherapy sessions reaching 1,033 children with disabilities
  • conducting hearing and eye examinations for over 4500 children in 30 kindergartens
  • providing 1524 children with hearing aids/eye glasses