Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge

From Elbrus to Kilimanjaro, the Climbing 4 Palestine team ventures to yet another summit to help support the Art Bus project in Palestine. The Art Bus, staffed with well-trained experts in delivering expressive arts therapy, challenges the limitations imposed by the occupation, driving between cities, villages and refugee camps in Palestine to reach children, work with them and with their caregivers of family and teachers, to deliver an expressive arts therapy program. 

Climbing 4 Palestine is an initiative started by WAY (The Welfare Association for Youth)  in 2013 to spread awareness about youth in Palestine and fundraise for youth projects. In 2014, the team ventured to the summit of mount Elbrus to support sports projects for the youth of Jerusalem. Details of this challenge can be found here.

This year, on 19th February 2015, the team of passionate and enthusiastic youth is set to start their journey to conquer the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest summit in Africa, standing at 19,341 ft. The team aims to raise £1 for each foot elevation. Every pound counts! Please donate now and help us support the children of Palestine. Click here to view the official fundraising page.