Mount Elbrus Challenge 2014

The Welfare Association for Youth (WAY) is a semi-autonomous youth network initiated through WA, focused on enabling Palestinian and international youth to become active philanthropists for sustainable, social and humanitarian progress for the Palestinian People.

Climbing 4 Palestine is an initiative started by WAY in 2013 to spread awareness about youth in Palestine and fundraise for youth projects. After the successful climbing of Kilimanjaro, the highest summit in Africa, in 2013, our ambitious team aims to climb the highest summit in Europe, Mount Elbrus. Funds raised from this challenge will go to a 12-month project supporting 200 youth between ages 8-16 years old, who represent the largest proportion of the population of the town of Silwan in Jerusalem. The project aims to promote a spirit of innovation and initiative among young people for a better future in the face of the occupation, encouraging them to enjoy sport activities and improve their cultural awareness through supporting voluntary youth programmes, community-based initiatives and youth sports activities.

The team will start the 7-days climbing and hiking journey to reach the summit on 18th of June. The weather is extremely cold and temperatures in some cases reach -40C at this time of year with fog, snowfall and thunderstorms frequent common. Mount Elbrus stands at 5,642 metres and therefore the team aims to raise £1 for each metre. Please support these brave volunteers and donate to this fantastic cause!