Ramadan Appeal 2021

Mahmoud family take shelter in disused storage shed

Ramadan Appeal 2021

Welfare Association is running emergency food distribution projects in Gaza during Ramadan 2021.  We will work locally to buy freshly harvested crops (including vegetables, fruit, herbs etc.) from Gaza farmers in our livelihoods restoration projects, so they can sell their freshly harvested crops at a fair price, and we will package these with chicken and eggs. These packages will be distributed to hundreds of struggling families in the north of Gaza and in Khan Younis in the south of Gaza, each week for the five weeks of Ramadan.

These projects will help to generate an income for struggling farmers, as well as provide food to marginalised families. (Last year, WA distributed fresh food packs to 1,488 families in Gaza  during Ramadan.) This year WA will :

-        distribute fresh food packages to more than 1,300 families over the five weeks of Ramadan

-        support 185 small scale farmers, including female farmers and women’s cooperatives

-        reduce hardship on struggling families by supplementing their poor diet and reducing their expenditure on food

-        protect the livelihoods of those affected by the conflict and closure policy

Please donate today to help provide food for struggling families and protect the livelihoods of small scale farmers.