Lebanon - Emergency Winter Appeal

Mahmoud family take shelter in disused storage shed

Please help families in Wavel Refugee Camp this winter


The severe financial and economic crisis in Lebanon is hitting marginalised refugees the hardest; 62% report reduced income, and the cost of key food items increased by 400% in less than two years.

• WA is concerned by the limited access to food and fuel for Palestinian families in Wavel Refugee Camp in the Bekaa Valley, East Lebanon.

• The Bekaa Valley experiences extremely harsh winters, with heavy snow and frost. Without adequate shelter, food, and heating fuel Palestinian refugees are struggling to survive.

• WA will provide vouchers for food, fuel and winter clothing to some of the most vulnerable Palestinian refugees living in Wavel Refugee Camp; to help provide protection from the severe cold and freezing winter temperatures.


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Please Help Families in Wavel Refugee Camp this Winter.