Gaza Ramadan 2020 Appeal

Ramadan Fresh Food Parcels:

 Emergency food production and distribution

Supporting marginalised farmers and impoverished families in Gaza.


Providing fresh food packages this Ramadan in Gaza


Gaza is approaching the 13th year under illegal Israeli blockade, with more than 2 million Palestinians facing the worst economic conditions in years. Along with the three military assaults on Gaza since 2008, the impact continues to be devastating. With unemployment exceeding 47%, low purchasing power, inflation and still massive infrastructure damage, all contributing to reducing the food security of families in Gaza.

This Ramadan, we will provide hundreds of the most vulnerable families in northern Gaza, with fresh food parcels each week for five weeks to help them to meet their daily requirements and re-allocate limited resources to other family essentials. As in the previous Ramadan Food Parcels projects: the fresh food items in this project (including chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruit and herbs) will be purchased from struggling farmers and producers, (including female farmers and women’s cooperatives,) they will be packaged and distributed to impoverished families.


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Direct from the farmers to the packaging and distribution centers


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And home to families in Gaza!

Through generous donations to this project during Ramadan 2019, we were able to support over 1800 families, more than 300 small scale farmers and producers (including 92 women working in cooperatives) as well as providing temporary jobs for 37 unemployed workers who packaged and distributed the food parcels each week.

This year with the help of your donations we aim to support at least 1200 impoverished families, 170 farmers, and the project will create more than 400 work days for unemployed workers.


Please help families in Gaza and donate generously to this appeal.