Family trying to keep warm in makeshift shelter

Providing blankets and warm winter clothing for families in Gaza. PLEASE HELP

In Gaza, Palestinians face a socioeconomic crisis greater than ever before: 72% of Gaza’s two million people are registered as refugees; 526,856 Palestinians are living below the abject poverty line and 55,100 families are in need of shelter assistance. Entering its twelfth year in June 2018, Israel’s blockade of Gaza continues to severely restrict the movement of people and goods. Key infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and homes, badly damaged by the 2014 Israeli bombardment, remain unrepaired. The ongoing electricity crisis, with electricity provision dropping to just 4 hours a day, has made the situation even worse.

Thousands of families, still unable to afford to repair their damaged homes, remain displaced and struggle in sub-standard shelters or in the overcrowded homes of relatives.

Record levels of unemployment in Gaza currently sit at 48.2% (PCBS Census 2017) compounding the widespread prevalence of poverty and increasing people’s reliance on humanitarian aid. More than 80% of the population is now dependent on some form of assistance.

Families in Gaza expect to face cold winter weather conditions. They are in urgent need of support.

 This 3-month project will provide essential blanket packs and warm winter clothing packs (including pyjamas, jeans, woolly jumper, thick winter jacket, plus hat, scarf, gloves & socks) to children living in some of the most difficult conditions in Gaza.


A set of two heavy duty winter blankets costs £40, a child’s warm winter jacket costs £20.


Every £1 you can afford to donate will make a difference.