Gaza Emergency Appeal

Emergency Relief


Gaza Emergency Appeal

Please help Welfare Association to respond to the emergency in Gaza, where hospitals are struggling to treat the rapidly rising numbers of injured people arriving each hour.

As Israel’s military bombardment of Gaza continues, hundreds of Palestinians are injured and 85% of families have been displaced.

Please support our Emergency Appeal for Gaza, help us to provide:

  • Medical supplies to hospitals
  • Fuel for ambulances and medical facilities
  • Water, food, clothing, bedding, to thousands of displaced families

WA has already been able to provide the emergency unit of two hospitals in South Gaza with beds, equipment and medications.

WA teams’ interventions in Gaza to date:

12/10/2023: Welfare Association teams in Gaza (also displaced from their homes due to constant artillery shelling), have been able to provide hospitals with fuel, provide displaced families with essential support, and continue working to provide medications to hospitals.

15/10/2023: Last week Welfare Association‘s team in Gaza was able to source fuel and medications (from within Gaza) and get these to hospitals, and located some essential supplies to support displaced families. WA has also been able to provide the emergency unit of a hospital in South Gaza with beds, equipment, and medications.

24/10/2023: Over 2,000 families in the Gaza Strip are receiving food parcels and hygiene kits. Our WA team and local partner organisations on the ground in Gaza are distributing these parcels and kits in Rafah, Southern & Northern Gaza, and Gaza City.

28/10/2023: Emergency food parcels for displaced families in Gaza. We are preparing packages of fresh fruit & vegetables for 391 displaced families in Khan Younis. Crops are purchased directly from small farmers in Gaza. Palestinian families will receive the packages each week, for 4 weeks.

3/11/2023: WA is providing thousands of families in Gaza with food; 391 families in Khan Younis will receive fresh vegetable parcels each week for one month. We distributed food parcels and vouchers to 500 displaced families in North Gaza, some families received food parcels, while others received vouchers to shop for their essential needs.

10/11/2023: Over the past few days, we distributed emergency food parcels & hygiene kits to 500 homeless families, sheltering in four schools in Rafah, Gaza. All of these items were sourced within Gaza.

13/11/2023: This week WA teams in Gaza are delivering fresh food packages to 1,195 homeless families, in 6 shelters in Deir Al-Balah, Khan Younis, and Rafah. They will receive these food packs each week for 4 weeks.

27/11/2023: During this week 1,655 homeless families received vital food parcels in 7 shelters located in Deir Al-Balah, Khan Younis, and Rafah.

6/12/2023: WA teams continue distributions in shelters in Gaza, delivering thousands of bottles of water to homeless families.

10/12/2023: During this week, WA teams in Gaza distributed emergency fresh food parcels to a total of 3,300 homeless families in shelter centres in Deir Al-Balah and Khan Younis.

15/12/2023: This week WA helped 1,000 children in Rafah smile for the first time in a long time – as they chose a warm jacket for winter from a nearby shop that WA opened up just for them.

21/12/2023: WA teams continue distributing emergency fresh food parcels to more than 400 displaced and hungry families in Gaza.

5/1/2024: To date, WA have provided the following in Gaza.

11/1/2024: WA is continuing to implement a range of emergency interventions to support families struggling to survive this crisis, including the distribution of fresh food parcels to 1,465 displaced families sheltering in Khan Younis and Deir Al-Balah.

1/2/2024: Distribution of food parcels in Gaza has continued, with another 830 homeless families receiving packages of fresh vegetables in a shelter in Rafah.

15/2/2024: A further 600 displaced families in shelters in Deir Al-Balah and Al-Zawaida received fresh food parcels, to ensure they can feed themselves.

Please support our Gaza Emergency Appeal – so we can continue these vital life-saving interventions. Thank you.

To stay up to date with the ongoing situation, read the Flash Updates and Situation Reports from the UN OCHA and WHO by clicking here.