Emergency Gaza Appeal

Mahmoud family take shelter in disused storage shed

Welfare Association is working to provide emergency medical aid to hospitals in Gaza, after an assault by Israeli military forces in May 2021 resulted in 253 Palestinians deaths


Between 10-21 May 2021 Israeli military forces launched an assault on Gaza, which resulted in 253 Palestinians deaths, including 66 children and 39 women. Almost 2,000 Palestinians were injured during the hostilities, including over 600 children and 400 women and hundreds of families lost family members, their homes, work and their source of income.

Roads, water and sewage infrastructure were bombed, and 800,000 people still do not have access to safe piped water – almost half the population of Gaza. 19 health care centres were damaged, including 6 hospitals and 11 primary health care centres, and Hala Al-Shawa Primary health care clinic was completely destroyed.

Gaza’s already overwhelmed health system was struggling to meet the needs of those injured during the bombardment.  

Ceasefire in Gaza came in at 2am on 21.5.2021



WA launched an Emergency Appeal to help provide emergency medical aid to hospitals in Gaza, and support those most badly affected.

We have three projects in Gaza responding to emergency needs. We are working to support families in Gaza and will:

  1. Increase the preparedness of eight NGO hospitals and health centres to provide health services to injured and sick people in Gaza, by restocking their depleted medical supplies
  2. Enable safe access to school education for students in targeted localities, by providing repairs to two school buildings damaged by the Israeli military bombardment of Gaza – so they are safe for children to return at the start of the new academic year
  3. Fund nine small businesses damaged in the Israeli bombardment to get them up and running again and their employees back to work


ceasefire delivery photo.jpg

WA delivering food packages to displaced families in Gaza in the days following the ceasefire 


In addition, WA has been distributing humanitarian supplies to over 200 internally displaced families to help them cope with their current living conditions. These include: food packs, family hygiene kits and sets of clothing for women and children in these 200 families. 


Please donate today to help us provide urgent medical aid