Emergency Appeal - East Jerusalem

Mahmoud family take shelter in disused storage shed

Attacks by Israeli police and military forces in and around Al Aqsa Mosque on 7th May left more than 150 Palestinians wounded


More than 150 Palestinians were wounded following attacks by Israeli police and military forces in and around Al Aqsa Mosque on Friday 7th May, and hundreds more in the following days. Israeli police used water cannons, stun grenades and mounted police, and the majority of those injured were at Al Aqsa Mosque, inside the Old City. As it was the month of Ramadan, thousands of Palestinians went regularly to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site in Islam.)

The director of Makassed Hospital’s emergency department reported admitting 83 patients with rubber bullet injuries. 25 of these patients were seriously and severely injured with bullet wounds in the head and upper body, some with loss of sight.

Ceasefire in Gaza following a subsequent bombardment came in at 2am on 21.5.2021


WA is implementing four emergency projects in East Jerusalem providing medical supplies (pharmaceuticals, disposables and equipment), and repairs and fuel for ambulances for frontline responders. 


Since these projects started we have:

  • helped over 49,000 people directly, including 12,500 children under 18 years of age
  • provided medical supplies to frontline responders and to Makassed Hospital
  • distributed food vouchers to 900 marginalised families 
  • procured a fully equipped  ambulance, first aid and emergency supplies, fuel for ambulances for the front line responders’ Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in East Jerusalem

east jerusalem antibiotics photo 2.jpg east jerusalem antibiotics photo 3.jpg

Emergency medical supplies, including antibiotics, arriving at the Pharmacy of  Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem (10 June 2021)


These projects will also help to prepare for any future emergencies. They will deliver vital medical supplies to Makassed Hospital, which always receives large numbers of injured people during any emergency. They will also replenish exhausted stock so they are able to continue their emergency services and surgeries for those injured. 


Please donate today to help us provide lifesaving medical supplies