Emergency Gaza Appeal

Welfare Association is working to provide emergency medical aid to hospitals in Gaza, after an assault by Israeli military forces in May 2021 resulted in 253 Palestinians deaths

Emergency Appeal - East Jerusalem

Attacks by Israeli police and military forces in and around Al Aqsa Mosque on 7th May left more than 150 Palestinians wounded

COVID-19 Emergency Appeal: Palestine

The World Health Organisation identified the risk in Palestine as very high. Insufficient critical care beds and ventilators dramatically raises the mortality rate.

Gaza Appeal: Counselling Units for Traumatised Children

Increasing access to mental health services in schools in Gaza for traumatised students. Over 50 schools and 11,000 students supported so far.

Gaza Sight Appeal

Providing young children with screening services, prescription glasses and treatment to protect their eye sight.

Shirin Fund at Makassed Hospital

Provide crucial medical care and treatment for children in Palestine

Chris Elias In Memoriam Fund

Supporting the fishermen of Jal el Baher Gathering, south Lebanon to rebuild their livelihoods