Symposium at the British Museum

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Dr Shadia Touqan will be speaking about our housing project in the Old City of Jerusalem

Disappearing Cities of the Arab World

This event, which takes place on Sunday 12th July at the Bristish Museum, explores issues of architecture, post-colonialism, globalisation and psychogeography. It brings together writers, artists, historians, architects and urbanists to explore the complex space that is the contemporary Arab city. 

Speakers include Dr Shadia Touqan who spearheaded our EU funded project, the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Housing in Jerusalem’s Historic Urban Core. This project has been working to improve housing conditions for Palestinians living in and around the Old City of Jerusalem and to upgrade architectural heritage practice according to international standards for restoration. 

Other speakers include Ziauddin Sardar on Mecca, Eyal Weizman on the architecture of occupation, and Sharon Rotbard on modernist architecture and colonisation in Israel. 

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