Annual Reviews

Download our latest Annual Review for 2018-19


The Welfare Association's objective is the reduction of poverty for marginalised Palestinian communities, especially children and the disabled, with support for health, education, agriculture and emergency services in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Here you can download and print copies of our Annual Review which contains a wide range of information about us and our activities. It also includes a financial statement.

Annual Review 2017-18 [PDF file] File size 7.92 MB

Annual Review 2016-17 [PDF file] File size 2.39 MB

Annual Review 2015-16 [PDF file] File size 2.39 MB

Annual Review 2014-15 [PDF file] File size 3.3 MB

Annual Review 2013-14 [PDF file] File size 2.8 MB

Annual Review 2012-13 [PDF file] File size 1.2 MB 

Annual Review 2011-12  [PDF file] File size 1.72 MB

Annual Review 2010-11 [PDF file] File size 2.50 MB

Annual Review 2009-10 [PDF file] File size 0.98 MB

Annual Review 2008-09 [PDF file] File size 2.3 MB

Annual Review 2007-08 [PDF file] File size 2.71 MB

Annual Review 2006-07 [PDF file] File size 2.24 MB

Annual Review 2005-06 [PDF file] File size 869 KB

Annual Review 2004-05 [PDF file] File size 855 MB

Annual Review 2003 [PDF file] File size 2 MB

Annual Review 2002 [PDF file] File size 5.4 MB

Annual Review 2001 [PDF file] File size 537 KB


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