Real stories

A selection of featured stories from some of the people Welfare Association has been able to support over the years through our various programmes

Stories from Gaza Conflict

Stories from patients who were treated at Makassed Hospital following the Gaza bombardment

Abdul's Story

Abdul Muti did not think he would ever fish again.

Abdulrahman's Story

Abdulrahman's return to school was a long awaited journey.

Fatima's Story

Forced to flee her home to the nearest shelter during Israeli assault on Gaza in July 2014

Zeina's Story

Life as a refugee from Syria living in Qasmieh Gathering in south Lebanon

Amina’s Story

Fleeing the violent conflict in Syria

Jamila's story

Supporting children seriously injured and disabled in Gaza

Nadine's Story

Helping marginalised families cultivate their unused land to become food secure

Ghassan's story

Supporting children with special needs