The Palestinian Museum

Museum_Logo_English_2.jpgThe Palestinian Museum is devoted to celebrating the history, culture and society of modern and contemporary Palestine. The Museum will open its doors in 2015 in the town of Birzeit in Palestine as a physical and virtual space that brings Palestinians together in a shared exploration of their past, present and future. Through its digital platform and international partners the Museum aims to connect with Palestinians wherever they are in the world and with all those interested in Palestine.

Creating and communicating knowledge and new thinking about Palestine, the Museum aims to reach out to all those interested in Palestine through the creation of partnerships with institutions and individuals in various places in the world, and through an innovative mix of exhibitions, research, and education programmes. 

How can you help

Building the Museum would not have been possible without the generous support we have received from our friends and donors. Yet to complete the work on the Museum setup, and to achieve sustainability and independence of the Museum institution we are seeking support (no matter how small the donation is) from the widest base possible. It is paramount that the Museum is supported and hence accountable to the largest reachable public.

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