Gaza Emergency Winter Appeal

Mahmoud family take shelter in disused storage shed

We are providing essential blanket packs & warm clothes to help families get through harsh winter conditions.

In June 2017, Gaza entered its 11th year of blockade. The continued closure of the crossings into and out of Gaza has devastated the local economy. Unemployment reached 44%, with more than 60% of the youth of Gaza unemployed. The conflict in Gaza in 2014, caused the destruction of roads, water and power networks, hospitals, schools and homes. Three years later, reconstruction has been minimal. Of the 100,000 Palestinians internally displaced, 29,000 remain homeless.

With the latest electricity crisis, families are struggling to keep warm this winter. Welfare Association is providing essential blanket packs and warm clothes for children, to help families get through the harsh winter conditions.

Family blanket pack (including two heavy weight blankets) - £20

Set of children's winter clothes (including: underwear, woolly jumper and jeans, winter jacket, winter shoes, and hat, scarf and gloves) - £40

But every £1 you can afford to donate will make a difference. 

Please support this urgent appeal for families in Gaza.